1. The high-frequency transformer & normal transformer;
2. The inductor, the electromagnetic coil;
3. For the higher environmental requirements using motor: including household motor, all kinds of micro-motors, and compressors;
4. The special magnet wire for audio coil & drive;
5. Magnet wire for the display deflection coil;
6. Magnet wire for the degaussing coil;

Product Overview

Diameter Specification:
Enameled CCA wire is a new magnet wire with CCA Core, it combines the good copper conductivity and aluminum light weight. So that can greatly reduce the cost of winding wire, ECCA wire with the copper layer is not easy to oxidation and easy to welding. Our company has more than 100 sets of high-speed drawing machines, annealing stoves with vacuum tube and enameled machines. we also have the solderability test instrument, automatic spring back angle test instrument and dielectric loss test instruments to ensure the quality in each step. The output of ECCA wire is 9600 Tons per year.
1. Laser automatic control technology, with tolerance accuracy up to ‡0.005mm, solves the problem of uneven diameter of traditional flat wire.
2, special annealing process, strict control of annealing temperature and time, solve the problem of traditional flat wire body is too hard, not easy to form.
3.High slot full rate, smaller volume, light weight, heat dissipation performance, electromagnetic effect is better than the increase of conductor density per unit area of enameled round wire, small size and large current products can be realized.
Normal Package:
Spool Size
PT4, PT10, PT15, PT25;