CCA Stranded wire

CCA/CAM stranded wire and parallel wire widely used for: high frequency signal transmission, Leak spilled cable inner conductor, network cable inner conductor, Subtle coaxial cable inner conductor, the first choice of conductive materials of the cable TV coaxial cable, flexible RF coaxial cable inner conductor, computer cable, control cable, and other data cable inner conductor.

Product Overview

Our country promote to use the new replacement product: CCA/CCAM Stranded wire, which combines the good conductivity, tensile strength, welding of copper and the light weight, easy produce of aluminum. The copper layer spread evenly, the high density, the good extensibility, thus saving copper resource and low cost.
Normal Package:
Spool Size
DIN130, DIN160, DIN185, DIN200, DIN400, DIN500, DIN630, DIN750;