CCA Wire

Application :
CCA wire widely used in Cable TV signal and large volume communications net work signal transmission, control signal cable, welding cable and so on...

Product Overview

1. Given the same weight and diameter, Our Wire measures 2.6-3.2 times longer than copper wire, which means 1 Ton pure copper wire should offer
2.6-3.2 Ton CCA Wire, so reduce the raw material cost much for production factory.
2. According to pure copper wire, the impossibility to separate copper from CCA wire, so it keeps thieves away.
3. CCA wire is more malleable than copper wire, unlike aluminum that would generate the insulation oxide, easier processing and good conductive properties.
4. CCA wire is light weight, easy to transport and installation and construction, to reduce labor costs.
5. CCA wire has significant social benefits, it can save a lot of copper raw resources.
Diameter Specification : 0.08mm-8.00mm
Our state-of-the-art cladding and welding crafts guarantee the high density and conductivity of 99.97% purity copper cladding, while our metallurgical bonding is evenly distributed around the aluminum core along the wire for excellent conductivity, mechanical properties according with US ASTM B56693
Standard. CCA wire is sorted into Hard-Drawn (H) and Annealed (A). According to the process can be divided into Cladding CCA and Plating CCA.
Standard: SJ/T 11223-2000; ASTM B 566-93;

High Frequency Signal Transmission:
1. Choice conductor material for cable TV coaxial cable;
2. 5082 Radio frequency (RF) cable;
3. Flexible RF coaxial cable inner conductor material;
4. Computer cable and other data cable inner conductor material;
5. Superfine coaxial cable inner conductor material;
Special Magnet Wire :
1. Choice conductor material for Computer;
2. Mobile communications wire;
3. Coil or column used in Aeronautics and Astronautics or Military Devices;
Technical Parameters

Technical Characteristics CCA wire
Clad type Plated type
10H 10A 15H 15Ak
(mm)Size range 0.15-8.0 0.15-8.0 0.08-8.0 0.08-8.0 0.10-6.0
Copper Content(% by Weight) 25=31 25-31 32-40 32-40 6-15
(Mpa) Tensile Strength ≥152 110-172 ≥152 110-172 90-120
(%) Elongation 1 5 1 5 5
(%) Conductivity 64 62 64 64 62
(Ω.㎜²/m) DC resistivity 0.02743 0.02743 0.02679 0.02676 0.02743
(g/cm3) Density 3.32 3.32 3.63 3.63 2.85

Products can be customized according to special requirements.
Power Transmission:
1. Choice conductor material for Enameled Wire;
2. Power cable conductor material;
3. Control cable conductor material;
4. Car and locomotives cable inner conducts:
5. Construction cable conductor material;
6. Bus-bar conductor material;
7. Fuse;
8. RF shielded cable network;
Normal Package:
Spool size
DIN 130, DIN 160, DIN 180, DIN 200, DIN 250, DIN 400, DIN 500, DIN 630, DIN 780: